First and foremost in 2K technology


FERBE are specialists when it comes to tools for double moulding, so called 2K technology. As early as the end of the 1950s we manufactured tools for double moulding and were thus one of the pioneers in the world. 

The double moulding technology can be found in many of the areas in which we are active, including the automotive, packaging and medical technology industries. The parts are often complex, with many built-in functions. This sets very high demands on the tools and on us as the manufacturer.

Unique tools and smart problem solving - just what we like

Double moulding, 2K, is a technique that is often used to combine two materials' unique characteristics. This can for example be a hatch in hard material that is to be combined with a hinge in soft material, or a symbol that is moulded into another material to prevent it from being worn off.

The technology and materials are constantly being developed and we have certainly only seen the beginning of the application areas where the technology can be used. Tools for double moulding are complex and there are many fundamental technical principles to take into account, such as circular-table, core-back and index plate. This sets very high demands on us, every tool is unique and entails smart problem solving - and we like that.

FERBE offers an all-in concept where we work from the start of a project at the customer until it goes into production.