We set high demands on ourselves – feel free to do the same


Our business concept is to satisfy customers with highly set demands in the polymer industry with technically advanced small to medium moulding tools and high-precision products of a one-off nature. 

Quality and precision are a must when it comes to high-performance tools. FERBE has comprehensive knowledge of multi-cavity tools and stack moulds with advanced needle valve systems for extreme production volumes. To ensure the manufacturing quality, we utilise our advanced measurement division. There we can control and verify the very tight tolerances demanded for tool manufacturing.

For us at FERBE a completed project is the start of something new

Taking part and starting new projects is always a challenge, but we are also very eager to help finalize them. A complete project is always the start of something new, a step closer to a finished product. 

Involving us earlier in the project shortens the project time. We help you to optimise production, increase functionality in the end-product and improve manufacturing friendliness, which ultimately means more effective production at the injection moulder. Total project times of a year or more are nothing uncommon and from that perspective the time for tool manufacture is very short. 

Minimising time to market is often decisive when it comes to staying a step ahead of the competition. With FERBE's all-in concept, you finish the project faster, which provides better overall cost and is the start of something new.